Outdoor Lifestyle

We believe the outside of your home should be just as beautiful as the inside. Our garden centers are fully stocked with every outdoor element you’ll need to style your home’s exterior.

Annals & Perennials – Get inspired by our thousands of varieties of plants. Perennials are the building blocks of your yard providing continuous enjoyment season after season, while annuals bring splashes of color to complement. We have an endless selection to choose from and look forward to helping you create a lush and colorful outdoor environment. We also carry hundreds are varieties of delicious and easy to grow herbs and vegetables. Enjoy the satisfaction of picking a homegrown tomato or sprig of oregano right outside your window.

Shrubbery & Trees – Trees and shrubs not only enhance your landscape, they define it. Every outdoor space needs structure, and trees and shrubs provide this in the most beautiful and awe inspiring ways. From delicate dogwoods to sophisticated Japanese maples, we showcase an impressive variety of fruit and ornamental trees and shrubbery to help set the tone of your yard.

Grilling & Outdoomastertouch_logor Kitchens – Our garden centers help you bring the party outside. We carry a wide selection of Weber grills and accessories – everything from travelling grills for an awesome tailgate to customization build in kitchens. Many of the models we carry are exclusive to our garden centers.

Mulches & Stone – Not only does mulching add a finishing touch to your landscape, but it also helps prevent weeds, moderates the soil temperature and retains moisture during dry weather. Choose from over ten varieties of colored and natural mulches and over twenty types of bagged stone to help complete your outdoor space.

At Ploch’s Garden Center we believe just about anything you do indoors can also be done outdoors so why not make your “outdoor room” the most beautiful and comfortable it can be. Cook and enjoy dinner outside instead of the kitchen. Read a book on your chaise instead of the sofa. Gather friends around the fire pit instead of the coffee table.  Our garden centers have everything you need to make your outdoor space worth staying outside for.