Garden Maintenance

We know how hard you work to maintain the outside of your home. Let us help you select the very best supplies and solutions to ensure your garden will flourish.

Gardening Tools – We carry a fine assortment of cutting, weeding and pruning tools, both handheld and long-handled. Make sure you and your family are protected while working! Check out our selection of gloves and hats specially sized for men, women and children gardeners.

Fertilizer & Seeding – We have a full array of both lawn and garden fertilizers, including organic product lines.  We also carry quality grass seed to suit every need. Ask our team which blend is right for your lawn.

Flower & Vegetable Seeds – Take a stroll through past our seed wall and you’ll find just about every type of flower, herb and vegetable you’d like to plant.  From traditional varieties to heirlooms to new hybrids, you’ll see them all here.  Our stores carry everything you need to start your own seeds at home and watch them grow into a beautiful garden you can be proud of.

Animal & Insect Remedies – There’s nothing worse than putting so much work into your garden only to find some pests have invaded. You won’t find a better diagnostics team than right here in our stores. Can’t figure out what’s been eating holes in your broccoli? Have a mystery bug on one of your houseplants? Bring your questions and concerns to our knowledgeable staff that can help your find the perfect solution. We carry a wide variety of repellents, both chemical and organic for insect, animal, fungus and disease control.

We want to see your gardening efforts pay off just as much as you do. Take advantage of our expertise and extensive product lines to guarantee success.